26 August 2013

Monday morning recipe: How not to be beaten by stupid

There are so many things to love about Mark Twain. One of them was, his ability to take in what he saw of human nature, and then distill his advice regarding it into interesting, thought provoking quips. If I were to dissect (which I'm about to do here) what Mark Twain meant by this quote besides the obvious, I would say that he is making a comment about wisdom. An extremely underrated virtue, in my estimation. Wisdom is the difference between knowing what is worth arguing about, pursuing, or where to go. If we ask for nothing else this Monday, we should ask for wisdom. Then & only then, will we not be beaten by the unwise.

21 August 2013

My Home Garden

I thought I would share some of my garden with you. This is my first year as an vegetable urban gardner (or any type of vegetable gardener for that matter). If I do say so myself, it's not going so badly.   I should have expected that really, since I have been reading about all things vegetable & flower gardening for about 4 years (maybe longer). But my fear of failure stopped me from action. Until I finally decided reading about gardening was sooooooo different from being a gardener. And I have failed at some things in this endeavor,

19 August 2013

Back in the Day Cafe: one of the the best bakery cookbooks

There are certain things that every person needs. Food. Shelter. Cookies. Cake. Speaking of cookies & cakes, it's best to get recipes from the best. The best is the Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook. Casa Walczak (prior to Finni's appearance here) had the pleasure of stumbling on this place while in Georgia. We had no idea it was famous. All I knew

13 August 2013

Parmesan Crisps: plain or with pineapple sage

Who does not like Cheez Its? Nobody, that's who.  But while our little fat cells will yell "More more Cheez Its please!" Out taste buds, our culinary road map cries out for something more sophisticated. Something, where all the ingredients are pronounceable. Where the taste of cheese is really cheese, in its entirety. Well, this is the answer to our taste buds longing.

12 August 2013

Monday morning recipe: figuring out life's necessities

What's the surest way to keep something down? Put something heavy on it. Is there something heavy on you? If so, only you can lighten your load...no one else. I know that's a bummer. Someone can't do it for you. Good. Because when you feel lighter, the only one you need to congratulate is...you. Then you know that you can count on yourself, & no one else.