30 January 2011

Edamame: boiled & salted

I love a snack. Monday through Friday my body loves to snack at the same time, between 4:00 p.m.- 5:00 p.m. By the time I get to this time frame I'm really, really hungry. Which makes me think early bird dinners are not to far in my future. To get something fast and healthy I quite often reach of Edamame. It's not just a Sushi restaurant appetizer anymore. I know it may not seem Food Blog sexy enough. But I'm not going to give it all away on the first date. Despite what you may be thinking this isn't a snoozer either. In fact Edamame is extremely good for you because it contains protein, calcium, phosphorous, is a good source of vitamin A and high in phytoestrogens (a plant hormone that acts like estrogen which women, and men...yes men, need). But there is no sense in eating it if it's not good, so here is the cooking tip.

Edamame: boiled & salted

4-6 cups of cold filtered water 
16oz (1 lbs) (frozen organic, or fresh organic) Edamame with shells
Sea Salt

Bring cold filtered water to a boil in a pot. Cold water boils faster, remember middle school science? Add Edamame to boiling water. Immediately turn off heat, and cover pot. Let the Edamame sit for 5 minutes covered. (I know what the packages say on how to cook Edamame...ignore them. Edamame beans should be firm as oppose to soft and mushy) Drain. Place drained Edamame in a bowl, and sprinkle with Sea Salt to desired taste. Serve. 


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