31 January 2011

Lemon & Water: the Natural Aid for the Body's Elimination Process

I know we've only been going together for two posts now, but I thought it was important to discuss what I learned about "elimination" with you from my Ayurvedic workshop this past summer. First, I have to say that Americans have some serious complexities with "elimination" or "poohing" as I like to call it. I've read that many Americans don't pooh regularly. At a minimum daily solid poohs are required from our body to alleviate toxic build-up. Furthermore, Irritable Bowel Syndrome is on the rise in the U.S. (a condition that plagued our household for over 6 years that was eventually fully eliminated...not by proscribed drugs, but dietary changes. More on that during another post). The fact is that many people don't pooh on their own, as they need the aid of coffee (and unfortunately for some-coupled with cigarettes) or a horrendous meal to get the job done. According to Ayurvedic practices, poohs spurred on by artificial means are considered "false eliminations." But through the practice of Ayurveda this is how this portion of my and a family member's body began working again properly.

Ayurveda teaches that upon waking up you must have warm water. It cannot be cold. For Aryuvedic purposes room temperature to boiling water is fine. Then add a good squeeze of lemon to the warm water or lemon juice. When I do this daily (before any coffee enters my body-FYI Ayurveda does not condone the consumption of coffee), I either squeeze a quarter of fresh organic lemon  or 1-2 tablespoons of organic lemon juice into one and one-half cups of previously filtered boiling water

Aryuvedic practitioners state that water is needed  for the body to assist the digestive process in the morning & aid in the elimination of toxins. I was skeptical at first to be quite honest (how Western of me), given I had had this issue since childhood (for which I was proscribed store bought Apple Juice and all it's accompanying sugar). However, after chocking it down for about 4-5 days (I no longer choke, I actually like it), it worked as promised.  

I shared this practice with a family member (her relationship to me shall remain top secret), who has had problems all of her life with constipation. About one week into it, she called and told me she could not believe it actually worked. She also stated that she has had for over a decade what she calls a "not" at the top of her throat on the underside of her chin which has remained the same size for all these years. Since adopting the hot water and lemon regimen she states it has shrunk considerably.  I have no idea what that is about, but it sounds good to me. But the point is, if you have an elimination problem (namely constipation) you may want to try some lemon and hot water to get your poohs, poohing again. 

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