30 March 2011

Bugs Bunny had it Right: Spiced up Carrots

In America we have two major things against us when it comes to healthy eating. One, Americans are seemingly short on time. Two, we've been made to believe that any good healthy meal item takes hours to make and requires 500 ingredients. Both of these ideas are lies. Take carrots for example. I love carrots I could eat them everyday (along with sushi). They are good for you (They are an great source of antioxidant compounds, which protects against cardiovascular disease and cancer, and promotes good vision (especially at night). Carrots are also the richest vegetable source of pro Vitamin A carotenes, and economical (a two pound organic bag costs about $2.50. More importantly, they can easily be dressed up.
Preheat your stove to about 350-400 degrees. Coat some sliced carrots in olive oil, and add salt and pepper, and bake in the oven until they soft (to the point you can easily puncture the carrots with a fork). To add more pizazz to the mix add some cloves of garlic (make sure these are well coated with oil), crushed red pepper (for a spicy bite), or some dry basil.

To eat well does not have to complicated. Just look at your options and mix.

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