22 April 2011

Chocolate Covered Matzo

I love Matzo. I have since I was in upper school where it was a traditional option in the lunch cafeteria line during Passover. My traditional way of eating this unsweetened unleavened "delicacy" is the traditional way (according to my friends that is) with butter smeared on top (although today I'd opt for vegan butter instead). However, earlier this week, and a couple of decades since my first matzo experience, my office mate showed me something I did not know to exist.
Before my very eyes was a box of dark chocolate covered matzo she had purchased for Passover. My first thought was, "How could I have not known of this?" My second thought was, "Where do I get box of this special matzo?" As luck had it, I made myself available to be shown to the store where they sell my new favorite Passover ideal. And once there I noticed...they were sold out.

Never to be deterred. I ravaged my brain for the contents of my home baking pantry. Knowing I had one of the two key ingredients, I set about the store and purchased a box of matzo. No empty grocery store shelf was going to stop me from eating chocolate covered matzo that evening. 

And, I've been eating it for the past two days now, and am throughly happy with ease it took in making and tasty the results. Happy Passover!!!

Chocolate Covered Matzo

4 pieces plain Matzo
6 oz Semi-Sweet Vegan Chocolate Chips

Line a throughly long space with two pieces of wax paper placed on top of one another. Place the matzo on the wax paper, leaving about one-half inch space between each piece of matzo.

Place chocolate chips in a small heat proof bowl that will fit comfortably atop a double boiler. Fill the double boiler with water, place the bowl containing your chocolate chips atop the double boiler. Place the boiler with the chocolate chips on medium to high heat on the stove top. As the water starts to heat up and then boil the chocolate chips will begin to melt. When the chips begin to melt stir them constantly with a silicone spatula until the chips are completely melted. 

Take the bowl off the double boiler and using the spatula pour the chocolate on each of the pieces of matzo (the chocolate will pour out in globs that is okay). Working quickly pick up each piece of matzo and, using the spatula, spread the chocolate evenly among the surface of the matzo. 

Place each of the chocolate covered matzo on a cookie sheet and place in the refrigerator for one half hour. Remove the matzo, and serve. 



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