16 April 2011

Straight from the Freezer Aisle: Vegan Ravioli with Chipotle Vegetables & Beans

Let's face it, sometimes at the end of the day we are exhausted. And the thought of of cooking dinner from scratch: with all the chopping, stirring, and sauteing-no matter how healthy we want to eat, can be a chore. So we are inclined to go the nearest fast food restaurant, pizza shop, or freezer aisle. Of the latter three, I vote for the freezer aisle. You can put together a fairly good "gourmet" meal if you just know where to look.
Because my foundation for eating is either vegetarian or vegan I look for freezer items that feed into that. My "rule" for eating is I should be having a vegetable at every meal. So this past week I combined a Whole Foods Wheat Ravioli with Soy Ricotta and Chipotle Vegetables with Black Beans-each from the freezer aisle. Then I added some Cantalet Cheese (a French cow milk cheese) to top it off. Total cooking time was about 20 minutes, and total price was about $12 dollars. You can eat well always, even from the freezer aisle. All you need is a foundation and a little bit of creativity.

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