13 April 2011

Where Our Food Comes From: Where Good Chefs Get Great Ingredients

I love my local farmers market her in Minneapolis. What I learned however is that our big food get together is not just locally farmer supplied. A couple of years ago I learned that some of my farmers market food was local to California, packaged and shipped, and taken out of the packaging to appear local to Minnesota. Be warned, deception does not end at the grocery store aisle. In any case I am still a fan of the farmers market for its local fresh produce. As a savvy consumer, I've made inquiry as to where each stands farm is located, so I contribute to Minnesota's agricultural economy and at the same time get fresh produce. With all this said, I was happy to run across this video on Cooking Up a Story, on a local chef and farmers market here in my home state, albeit about two to two and a half hours from where I live. But I loved the perspective from the chef as to why he buys locally fresh produce from this market. In fact, the video makes me not only want to make the trek to this farmers market, but the restaurant also.

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