18 July 2011

Tale of the Mustard Green Bouquet

This past weekend I went to the farmers market (on East Lyndale for any of you Minneapolitans) and I purchased the most beautiful bunch of Mustard Greens for $2.00. Little did I realize that these greens came with blossoming flowers. Loving fresh flowers, I through I would carefully peal away the leaves to cook for food, and place the remaining flowers in a vase. Having never done this before, my guess was the flowers had two options. First, they could die, or second they could live. To my surprise...
they initially showed like below. Tangled and almost Medusa like.

But I woke-up the next morning to find my Mustard Green flower bouquet looking like this (below). Straight up and at attention-where they remain that way still, adding a lovely presence to my dining table.

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