30 August 2011

Breakfast Pizza

Remember the days when you didn't live by any rules? As a child you thought it wholly logical to have cake, candy or hot dogs for breakfast. It's food isn't it? What's with all the "certain times" rules? Remember when you were a teenager and it was just pizza? You'd have it least once per week and occasionally some cold leftovers for morning. Well, I've decided to go back to this era of freethinking, because this thinking and acting like an adult has, quite frankly, made Elle a dull girl. Enter the...Breakfast Pizza.
Now take off your adult hat and hear me out. Pizza crust is nothing but a form of bread. You very commonly (and I mean common) top your sliced buttered toast with a fork full of Denver, Granny's Country, Mexican, or Vegetable Omelet before vigorously putting all of it in your mouth. Aren't I right? Ahh...you thought that no one noticed. Well I did. I've simply just "refined" something you've been doing already.

Be warned! Nothing looks appetizing about Breakfast Pizza prior to its completion. It's ugly, ugly, ugly. Then magically it turns into a swan. The below picture is the pre-adolescent phase with crust and spinach.

I skipped adolescents. No on one wants to see those pictures, here or in the family photo album.

Then, as I and most mothers promise...is the swan.

It's not perfect, but who and what is except in your head? But it is good!

*Breakfast Pizza
Makes 8 slices
*denotes comments at the end of the recipe-read first

1 Trader Joe Garlic and Herb Pizza Dough
3-4 oz Spinach, canned and drained, or fresh, sauteed and drained
3 oz Parmigiano-Reggiano, grated
3 Roma Tomatoes, seeded and sliced
5 Eggs, over easy
Olive oil

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
Lightly oil a 12 inch or larger pizza pan. If you are using a pizza stone there is no need to oil it.

Make a 12 inch round pizza crust according to the Pizza Dough directions. Place the Dough on the pizza pan and add the Spinach spreading it evenly around the Dough. Sprinkle half of your Parmigiano-Reggiano evenly on top of the Spinach. Place the Pizza in the oven and let bake until the Dough is cooked, about 15-20 minutes. 

With about 5-7 minutes left until the pizza crust is done cooking, make the Eggs. 

Remove the pizza crust from the oven. Add the Eggs to the top of the pizza crust. Attempt to add the eggs evenly around the crust. Add the Roma Tomatoes and the remainder of the Parmigiano-Reggiano. Cut into slices and serve immediately.

-You don't have to use the Trader Joe's Garlic and Herb Dough, they also have a very good wheat dough. Or you can purchase a pre-made crust. Just make sure you cook it according to the directions. 
-I used canned Spinach for this recipe. It's faster and easier, and "I'm strong to the finish cause' I eats me Spinach. I'm [guess who-complete the song if you're old enough]...Toot Toot!"


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