13 August 2011

A Cooks Best Friend-any Cooking Magazine for the Ages

I did one of those cleanings today. You know. The deep cleanings where you marvel at the fact that your family hasn't contracted some sort of disease given the copious amounts of dust that have gathered in rarely seen or hard to reach places. My deep cleaning today did not just involve the baseboards, floors and windows. It also involved my cooking library. As I methodically took out every cookery book and magazine to wipe down, I noticed something. My obsession with Saveur Magazine.

My first Saveur Magazine (that I've kept) dates back to issue number 10, January/February, from 1996. I was in my second semester of my first year of law school then. I remember distinctly making a flourless chocolate cake that was on one of the Magazine's covers. It took all of 7 hours from start to finish. I invited classmates over to feast on it. To this day, one of those classmates says it's still one of the best desserts she has had in her life. I also remember reading Saveur and not only wanting to travel to the far away food destinations they highlighted, but also wanting to make everything the magazine contained. But my then homogeneous city of Minneapolis did not carry many of the necessary ingredients for authentic "ethnic" food.

I guess the point of my post is this. It's amazing what one finds, remembers, discovers when you really pay attention. It's 2011 and I thought my passion for cooking started sometime when I met my husband. Really, it started at a minimum when I was 21. One of my best memories is the agonizing work that cake on the Saveur cover took, and sharing the fruits of my labor with a group of aspiring world changers called my friends.

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