31 August 2011

Foodie Movies: Foreign Languages, Relationships, Food and a Great Sandwich Recipe

I have a truly unique gift. I have the ability to watch the same movie up to 100 times. Not in a row, but that doesn't matter. Often Hubby is subject to watching it with me. Not because he wants to necessarily, and he does not always. When he does I know it's his way of showing me he loves me by spending time with me doing what I like to do, which is watch the same movie over and over and over again.

Maybe it's not a gift, but more like a sickness. Any who....

The movie Spanglish is on my repeat list. However, Hubby's comment about that one scene in the movie, is on HIS repeat list. Every time he sees this scene he says the same thing....
"Man that sandwich looks good." He also comments about the beer which he believes to be a Guinness and how tasty that looks too.

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A couple of things to note. I could not find a picture of the sandwich that would do it justice. So you'll just have to watch the film (maybe again) to find out why Hubby salivates so.  Secondly, keep this in mind as you read on, me nor anyone in this household have claimed to be up-to-date on anything.

With that said,

the sandwich in question was made by no other than The French Laundry owner and chief Thomas Keller.

For anyone who went to high school with me, this is not the Thomas Keller I went to the Senior Prom with. He lives here in Minneapolis and is a teacher. In fact, me and Hubby ran into him Downtown last week. Now, if I did go to Prom with The French Laundy's Thomas Keller I would plan some overdue reunion, insisting that we discuss his life since high school and his success in the the kitchen of his restaurant. Being the gentleman I am sure he is, he would offer to chat over a course or two. Then I insincerely protest him making us any type of meal, but then "begrudgingly" acquiesce.


Back to the point of this post.

That sandwich, actually called The World's Greatest Sandwich, that Hubby loves so much has a recipe (this is the not up-to-date part about us), so kindly shared in the DVD by Thomas Keller. Here it is below. Now Hubby really can make that sandwich and eat it.

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