30 August 2011

Rest and Alone Time

Here is Henri, doing what comes naturally for him, taking time out for himself.

This is how it usually goes. He stares out the French doors of our home. I let him out. He mills around the deck for a bit. He plops down. He then takes in the smells, sights and basic feeling of being outdoors in the sunlight. Because I leave the doors open, he moseys back on in when he's good and ready.

When Henri first came to our home, I thought he wanted company. Often me or Hubby would sit outside with him. Now, as we understand his nonverbal communication, we are VERY clear that he does not desire our company during these times. "No siree Bob. Not at all!" He looks at me and Hubby like, "Don't you dare come out here." And we won't.

What if all of us were like Henri? We were absolutely secure that the household would not die without our presence for as little as 15 minutes. We took some needed alone time everyday to rest from our chores, ambitions, kids, and hubbies just to restore ourselves. We insisted on no one person bothering us at this time. I'm guessing that I'd be rolling on my back in the grass more, sleeping better, and jumping up on my family every time I saw them (even if they were out of my sight for only 15 whole minutes).

What wonderful thoughts!

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