17 August 2011

Smoked Herring and Cucumber Sandwiches

I know what you may thinking, "Do I look Norwegian? Why would I ever eat Herring in a million years? Or you may be thinking, "I am Norwegian, and I only eat Herring at holidays because my grandparents serve it." Neither one of these excuses are very good. This is because herring is, 1) very good tasting, 2) high in Omega 6, and 3) very pocket book friendly (at $1.50 per "sardine" tin). I believe in my heart Herring is the forgotten fish. It is the Sardine that gets all the press.
Herring I found is especially good if you'd like to have very light fair and get a nice amount of protein too. It is also a nice accompaniment to the common Cucumber Sandwich to use if you want to add an unexpected twist. So get out of your cultural comfort zone, or follow your grandparents' lead and eat Herring.

Smoked Herring and Cucumber Sandwiches

1 package Mini Rye Breads
1 package plain Cream Cheese
1 large Cucumber sliced
1 bunch Basil 
1 tin canned Smoked Herring

Gather and spread out as many Rye Bread slices as needed to make the amount of mini sandwiches desired. On each slice of bread spread the desired amount of cream cheese. Place one slice of cucumber on either side of the sandwich, directly on the cream cheese. Place one whole Basil leaf on each of the slices of cucumber. Place the desired amount of Herring on the opposite side of the sandwich, directly on the smeared cream cheese. Place the two sandwich sides together and serve.



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