26 August 2011

Spicy "Mac" and Cheese with Romas and Basil

When hubby and I were eating this dish for dinner, he looked over at me and said: "You can't even convince yourself that this [dish] is healthy." Well, he'd be absolutely amazed at what I can convince myself. While it may not be THE healthiest food, for a twist on Mac and Cheese, it ain't so bad with its unique ingredients. The proof is in the eating, as hubby had four bowls. So you may be asking: "What's so special about this unhealthy "healthy(ier)" dish?"
First, it has herbs, tomatoes, Penne pasta AND Gouda (not your mom's macaroni with cheddar cheese-which I'm not opposed to by any stretch of the imagination).

But instead of milk and butter it has... Well, read the recipe.

[I'm paused while you read the recipe. Did you read the recipe? If not, read the recipe!]

Now before you furrow your eyebrows and crinkle your nose, and get a foodie attitude, don't forget hubby had four bowls. I'm just say'in. He'd much prefer the good ol' way of eating: cheese, butter, milk. So if he can have four bowls...I'm just say'in!

*Spicy "Mac" and Cheese with Romas and Basil
recipe inspired by The Pioneer Woman
*denotes comments about the recipe below (read first)

12 oz Penne Pasta
1/2 unsweetened Soy Milk at room temperature
5 Roma Tomatoes seeded and sliced
1/2 lbs Smoked Gouda cubed small
2 handfuls or about 40-48 Leaves of Basil, sliced
2 tbsp Latin Lemonaise with Chilies and Lime
1-2 tsp Adobe Chili Sauce

Pour out the Soy Milk and let sit. It should obtain room temperature while you're prepping and cooking the dish.

Cook the Penne according to the directions. Drain in a colander when completed.

In a small bowl add the Soy Milk, Adobe Sauce, and Lemonaise. Whisk thoroughly.

In a large bowl place the Gouda, Tomato, and Penne Pasta. Add Soy Milk mixture, and then the Basil. Stir all the contents of the large bowl thoroughly. Serve immediately.

* Comments
-Always remember you can always add spice but you cannot take it away. Add a little Adobe Sauce first, then add a little more if so inclined.
-Adobe Sauce is found with Adobe Chilies. This item is canned and can be found in the Latin/Hispanic section of the grocery store.
-Lemonaise is type of mayonnaise substitute. It can be found in the mayonnaise section of the grocery store. Make sure to purchase the Latin Lemonaise and not the regular Lemonaise. 



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