04 August 2011

Watermelon & Kalamata Salad {Your Way}

Watermelon goes hand in hand with summer. How can anyone deny the sweet, delectable, juicy, cool tasting watermelon? I can't. Nor do I try. But what can you do with watermelon besides eat it plain or with other fruit? Well I'm glad you asked?
Part of life is taking chances. In return you often get very pleasant surprises. While cheese, watermelon and olives may not be your normal culinary style. Trust me you'll adapt it as your own soon enough.

Anny part of any culinary adventure is making something your own. So as in the post last month, here are just the ingredients you need to make this delectable summer Watermelon & Kalamata Salad. Make sure to make this creation your own, specific to your family's portion needs and tastes. You want to be an Iron Chef, don't you? Then here are the ingredients you have to work with. Now show us what you've got!

Watermelon & Kalamata Salad

Kalamata Olives
Feta Cheese

Combine the ingredients to your taste and serving size, stir thoroughly and serve. 



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