10 September 2011

The Annual Gold Rush Days: Antiques Show and Flea Market

Me and my girlfriend and neighbor Nancy have been antiquing all summer, together and alone. I've really just gotten serious about putting old vintage things in our home, usually for upcycling. But Nancy is a pro at this, no thanks to our other friend and neighbor Edie who owns a antiques-vintage-vintage and new fabric store. It's hard to explain. But its very cute. So it was Nancy who told me about the infamous Gold Rush Days, a massive annual outdoor antique and flea market show. I was told early on not to get my hopes up.
Because anything worth having was really expensive. Nancy was right. But it was nice to look around and see all the beautiful (and cheap-in quality and price) things I could put in my house if I had about $2,000 or more to burn.

Being life long resident of a city, the directions to downtown Oronoco where Gold Rush Days is held, about 2 hours away from Casa Walczak, where cryptic.

Nancy: "Take Highway 52 to County Road 18 and you're there."
Me:  "Where?"
Nancy: "Downtown Oronoco."
Me: "Where is the antiques show?"
Nancy: "There. And there's more in Rochester too. If you go to Rochester you've gone too far"
Me:  "I'll just see the show?"
Nancy: "Yes. Get there before noon though. It's really crowded. I had to pay to park on someone's lawn."
Me: (To myself-"How is is someone's lawn in the middle of a downtown?")

Let's say that the minute we got off County Road 18, we saw people parked. But we saw no antique and flea market. So in a panic Hubby and I just parked. Then started walking. There were no signs to Downtown Oronoco much less any visual sign of a massive flea market. Hubby and I just started walking to the main road where we saw a gentleman trying to flag down parking in his sand based barn lot. He's the one who told us to cross the main road and go down one block and we'd be there. Let's just say that  "downtown" Oronoco is not like any city's downtown. It had lots of houses with parking on the front lawn. However, once we finally got to the antiques and flee market section, the amount of items was overwhelming.

I loved these grouping of sculptures when I first walked in. Her carefree nature makes me happy.

I'm thinking I should start carrying something in my hand and flail it around in reckless abandon, with a short skirt on of course.

I think this is where we started to hit the flee part of the market for a while. This is politically incorrect for one really obvious reason..

Here's some more flee. I wanted to say, seriously people Pepsi bottles from when I was growing up? Give me a break!

Luckily we hit more antiques, like this massive bronze like chandelier. I think this would look good in my 1950s house in the dining room the size of a child's bedroom.

Then I think some people just set up shop, hawking their new wares. But I didn't mind this so much because the theme was my favorite season...fall.

Then I got another pleasant reminder of another favorite of mine...Halloween. These antique pumpkins were fantastic. I imagined all of them all over the front yard for the kids to ohhhh and ahhhh over.

And through it all, was not a girl friend but Hubby playing girlfriend in good spirits. Unlike me, when this picture was taken I felt like I did at the Lourve after a while. If I see another old thing I'll have to lie down and insist that all the other patrons trample me to death to put me out of my misery.

But I'll be back in Oronoco next year. You can count on it!

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