19 September 2011

A Cloudy Day Run with Hubby

I told you that Hubby is quite the photographer. Did I happen to mention that he is also a runner, and former marathoner. Our state (Minnesota for those who have not figured it out yet) is the home of 10,000 lakes. Hubby likes to run around those lakes. This weekend was very cloudy. Perfect stay at home weather for me, perfect running and picture taking for Hubby. Here is one of our many state lakes, this one near our home. All pictures are by Hubby in his latest digital "film" genre (he's like Picasso, he has his photography periods). As an extra there's a good (but unflattering) picture of me at the Farmers Market earlier in the day.
The Lake Harriet path and the concession area/warming area in the winter

Some lake flowers

A shadowy view

This local lake has a band shell which has live music through out the summer in all genres of music. Hubby and I tend to gravitate to the big band, classical and jazz performances.

No one in the audience or even on the benches, there's usually people on the benches at least

Finally, Hubby loves moments not necessarily taking the best picture of someone as you can see here...but the moment's nice.

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