08 September 2011

Food Photography: What You and I Can Learn From the Pioneer Woman

I'm a perpetual student. Whether I've been doing something for a short while or a long time, I always want to get better at something. Let's say I have some minor perfectionistic tendencies. Getting better requires study-usually from people who have more knowledge and experience.

In my quest to impart on me, and you if you're interested, more knowledge about food photography. Here are the 10 Things the Pioneer Woman, Ree has learned about food photography.
By the way the photo above is mine, not her's.

1. Do not take a picture so close that the viewer doesn't know what their looking at. This one is a tad bit hard for me considering I like close up shots. They have more detail and look better to me. But in the editing process I always say to myself since reading Ree's list, "Do I know what the hell this is?"

2. Food photos should be bright and light. I've learned that the hard way. See early post photos. Yikes!!!

3. She does not possess the skills to take a photo at night using flash. We have a lot in common!

4. Natural light makes food look the most savory. See my response to number 2.

5. Side light from a window is nice. I haven't perfected that one yet.

6. Food doesn't photograph well on her Jade dishes. My family doesn't own Jade dishes. One blogging crisis averted inadvertently.

7. Avoid excess Bokeh. Note to self: Must learn what Bokeh is.

8. Fill up most of the frame with the food. I don't believe I have that problem since I like those close ups (see response to number 1).

9. Action in food photos is good. I've been playing around with this lately. Hubby tried to take pictures while I was pouring something. They turned out like crap. I tried to take pictures of Hubby pouring something. They too turned out like crap. I tried to take pictures of me pouring my own something. They three turned out like crap. I'm handy crapped in this department! This is a serious work in progress.

10. The only way to get better at taking food photos is to continue to take food photos. That's easy. I do that right here for all to see.

The End!

Make sure to read the Pioneer Woman's complete post (with pictures) of 10 Things I've Learned About Food Photography here or at the link at the beginning of this post.

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