11 September 2011

My Gladiolas

I've been an amateur photographer since before digital SLR was invented (at least for the masses). I've just dated myself. We'll because misery loves company, Hubby is older than me by 11 years so he's been a amateur pre-digital SLR photographer longer than me. Recently, I was snapping some photos of something I absolutely love, flowers. It just so happened my home has been full of gladiolas, courtesy of my friend Nancy. Here are the results.
I love the twinge of yellow in at the edge of the petal.

I just love how the pinks pop. 

Here I was attempting to create a more abstract image, not necessarily discernible, by highlighting the light and shadow. I like the results!

Angle one.

Angle two-with less shadow variation then the one before.

This is my last photo. Same white flower as at the very top but saturated with color via photo editing software. Now the focal point has more of a yellow color, and the outlying petal is more white.

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