17 September 2011

Orchids: Before and After the Power of Photo Editing

Sometimes I fancy myself a regular Georgia O'Keeffe, in photography not painting. My comparison to her is not based on talent but rather love of flowers. I could look at and take pictures of flowers all day long, and never tire of it (easily that is). What I have that Georgia O'Keeffe didn't have was "Photoshopping" capabilities. I quoting "Photoshop" because I'm using it as a generic term for editing my pictures in Picasa, as oppose to actually using Adobe Photoshop. This morning I was playing around with some editing functions on my original Orchid photos attempting to extract myself from my usual crisp clear photo preferences. Here are the before's and after's

This is the unedited before

This is the edited after with an increase in color temperature, light fill, highlight and shadow


After, with increase in color temperature, light fill, shadow and a little highlight. The bigger change is the graduated brown tint I added from the top down.


Edited with increase color temperature, light fill, highlight, a little shadow. Then I added a mild soft focus to the picture.

Just me and the camera (before)...

After with the basic edits (increased light fill, color temperature, highlight, and shadow)....how I like it.

On top of the above picture I added Warmify.


Edited, I added a Glow to the flower (focal point) first then added tuning edits of increased light fill, color temperature, and highlight. The basic edits will look different if you edit the picture with effects first and visa versa. 

I don't know why I have heart palpitations every time I think about adding Glow, Warmify, Black and White (well I know why this, it's because I love color) Sepia, Tint  &c.. to my photos. But if you're like me, just remind yourself, it does not have to be permanent so long as you keep the original photo. Which by the way...I just learned how to do in Picasa after using it for over 5 months. Expert photographer I am...Not. 

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