16 September 2011

Waitress: Will Work for Pie Creation and Naming Benefits

Fox Searchlight Pictures: movie Waitress
I used to waitress, many places. One place was a casual Asian restaurant in a well placed upscale suburb where many believed themselves to be fantastic. It was the hottest ticket in town when it opened. It was also the best place for me to make my car and rent payment in two shifts. Anyway, one of the selling points of this restaurant was their multifaceted menu of loose leaf tea. When you're "in the weeds" as us restaurant folk like to say which is really just a precursor to losing your...(because you have so many tables), the last thing you want to do is make tea. So, I used to tell people we were out of tea.
A restaurant with like 20 teas was out of tea? It didn't help that the table next to them would get a piping hot black stone kettle of tea. This leads me to my point. I could not have been a waitress in Waitress. First, there weren't 300 Asian loose leaf teas there to lie about being out of. Second, I'm not much of pie baker or eater for that matter, but I would taste...

Fox Searchlight Pictures: movie Waitress

I Hate my Husband Pie (only if my Hubby wasn't you Hubby, if you're reading this);

Pregnant and Self Pity and Loser Pie (Flambe);

I Can't Have No Affair Because it's Wrong and I Don't Want Earl to Kill Me Pie; and

Fall'in in Love Pie.

Those descriptive terms are a culinary draw, aren't they? A marketer's dream. But what I really loved about waitress, besides it's obviously light and dark sense of humor, is that us cooks at some point are all pie makers like Jenna Hunterson. When we're upset, we cook. When we're happy, we cook. When it's all a mess, we cook. When the family is on our last nerve, we cook. When we're a mess, we cook. Jenna baked, but we cook.

Maybe it's a feeling of control in an unpredictable world. The assurance of a good result. That's what I like to think anyway. Until I don't get a good cooking or baking result...

But you know what I mean.

The only thing we're missing in order to have our own movie, are the amusingly blunt and honest recipe names. Therefore, because I have spent most of the evening vacantly watching bad T.V., and am tempted quite honestly to go back to it after this post, instead I'm going to go make

I Can't Watch Any More Ridiculously Good Looking Cops Solve a Murder or Missing Person's Case in an Hour Cookies.

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