04 October 2011

10 Things I've Learned About Life from Cooking

My life mission is this: to learn the lessons of life as quickly as possible so I don't need to repeat the same painful oft overworked scenario over and over again until I get it. That way I can put it in practice and move on to higher ground faster. Since cooking takes up much of my time, it's the perfect avenue to bone up on some spiritually intelligent living.

10 Things I've Learned About Life from Cooking

1. To many cooks in the kitchen can make for a painful, frustrating cooking experience. Life is the same way. If we have too many voices in our ear while trying to live our life, nothing but painful, frustrating, and confusing decisions and experiences follow.

2. You may follow the recipe but there is no guarantee you'll get the dish you planed for. We may become educated, have the perfect job title, and the husband and 2.3 kids but that's no guarantee the end result will be what you envisioned. It could be worse, or much better.

3. Cooking involves a series of steps to make a complete dish. Life involves a series of steps to make our own individual unique lives. Rarely do you just stop cooking before completing all the steps. Why would we do that, or even contemplate it in life?

4. If the dish fails throw it out and order in. If we fail in life we keep remembering the failure over and over and over again. We would never think about renting out space in our head for five, even ten years, about that failed Bundt cake. Why are we doing that about other failures in our lives?

5. When you're in the kitchen you act like a cook. Why is it that in life we act like anything else then what we really know we are? Children are the best at this. Notice a little girl dressed up as a princess on a random Tuesday. Notice a little boy dressed as a Spiderman on any nondescript Friday. Ask them what they are and they'll tell you: "I'm a princess! I'm Spiderman!" Duh!!!! They act and dress accordingly.

6. Creating a dish entails making a mess. No matter how tidy you are there is still a mess left to be cleaned. Life is the same way, the best and worst lives all involve messes and they eventually have to be cleaned up.

7. Often times you want someone to help you clean the dishes. Often times you'll just have to do it alone. Sometimes we are the only ones who can clean up our life messes.

8. Cooking is creative, fun & rarely boring. Life is creative, fun & very rarely boring. Put on some music, have a glass of wine and go with it.

9. Sometimes it's fun to cook with someone else and you can split the work. Life can be good alone but it can also be good with someone. There's no need to take on all the work, worry &c. all the time, divvy it up and enjoy.

10. You get to cook! We forget that we get to be here, today. We let our troubles weigh us down and cloud our memory that TODAY we get to be here: living, loving, and, trying like heck to create the life we want. We really shouldn't take it for granted. I'm sure there are people somewhere in some unseen realm that would give their left arm to live or cook again!

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