13 October 2011

Mostly Martha: Perfect Cooking by a Perfectionist Chef Who Encounters Life's Other Plans

This is one of my favorite movies of all time. I have a tendency to be attracted to high strung perfectionist characters, such as Marta the main character (this of course says nothing about me). But aside from the main characters personality trait, this movie presents life as it is: hard, painful, unexpected, frustrating, and joyful when you least expect it.
You see perfectionists hate anything they cannot control (I'm not speaking from personal experience mind you). While we like to see movies that cannot possibly mirror real life, as we desperately need the escape from our own, Marta's life shows us what our's quite often are. They can be different, and better than what we planned even if it takes whopping mess in between to get us there.

And usually, just usually someone(s) enter our life, in our mess, unexpectedly for the better although we don't want them there nor can we see their benefit. Let's not forget that this is a foodie movie too. While there aren't magnificent awe inspiring shots of food, the movie conveys what food does for people and to people. Food brings out creativity often, sometimes frustration, many times pride, when done well intimacy, and every now and again competitiveness. It can also help solidify relationships for good or bad.   

Here's the thing, life is messy and can bring you to your knees. But what Mostly Martha (or Bella Marta-the actual German name for the movie) reminds us, is that if we go with it, do the best we can, let people in even ...even when we don't necessarily want to do any of it, it will turn out better, fuller, happier than what you had before and what you could have imagined.

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