16 October 2011

My Food Weakness

I love the American and sometimes French faire I attempt to make healthier, more economical or with a bit of a twist. But I have to admit, I think I have the heart of an Asian...more specifically a Japanese Asian. My heart goes pitter patter for a perfectly sliced piece of raw fish, placed delicately over sticky rice, sometime unnecessarily secured with a strip of seweed placed gingerly like a bow.

image from sushimag.com
I believe sushi is perfect in every way, with its health benefits, aesthetic emphasis and its flavor. Ironically, it is the one thing I never make nor the thing I ever try to make. The prospect of making it to the excellence
of which I'm accustomed to eating it seems daunting. Let's admit, there could be nothing worse then having a so-so raw fish dish.

Hubby and I have this maybe disturbing, sick, amusing game we play where we periodically ask the other: "What is the one dish you love so much that you could overeat and could get literally sick from it?" My answer is Sushi (although the thought...well let's not think of the thought). This is how much I love sushi. Like a fat kid loves cake. Now I won't share Hubby's food love as his changes more frequently then mine.

But what is your food weakness? Don't worry. I'm not asking that you actually have gotten sick from overeating it (although if you have, just keep that little tidbit to yourself).

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