28 December 2011

Lo sono l'amore: Remembering, Awaking, and Finally Being Who We Really Are


Has a song, a phrase, or an item of clothing propelled you head first into the memory of who you were, or awakened you from the routine that is your life, lovely? Or in the case of lo sono l'amore, has the aroma or taste of a delicate well prepared dish ignited all of your senses to the point of desperation induced flight. If you vaguely can relate, I suggest spending a couple hours of time heading into New Year with a reminder that you can and will be who you believe you must be at any given time. Lo sono l'amore is a story of a seemingly perfect woman, with seemingly perfect family, in seemingly ideal circumstances who life undergoes dramatic changes while

at the dining table whether it be at her home or in a restaurant. Food is the catalyst for her sight, and the well as the consequences of her actions. While Emma, the heroine, shows that extricating yourself from who you've willingly and blithely become can be exciting, fun, but more so excruciating to yourself and those around you...it's always soul saving to do so. 

As New Year approaches, we are driven willingly and head long toward our private resolutions. Resolutions really being, just a means to move forward toward who we really believe we are or can be, whether that be the chef, entrepreneur, lady who lunches, or the gentleman we dream. Whom ever we are we know it, if not the details, we just need the courage or the catalyst to be so. 

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