29 December 2011

Must Have App for New Year Health: Viva la Revolución!


Honesty my dear friends is an underrated virtue. Ladies don't lie and gentleman don't gab a bout. So there must be both ladies and gentleman at Experience Life Magazine (ELM) (a glossy associated with Lifetime Fitness. Don't worry I have no bias despite hubby and I clubbing there almost daily). While falsehoods may be the order of the day the truth is circumspect. As ELM puts it, it is REVOLUTIONARY to be healthy in this society. Don't kid yourselves friends, our culture is the casino and the house always wins...unless you learn to count cards.
With that said the cards are in the ELM Manifesto. Read them, memorize them and live them. And to help ELM has put together a Fab app for the blackjack table of life, for the iPhone and iPad (which of course I have). The app gives you a different way to live a more healthy life every time you open it, not in chronological order of course, how dullsville would that be. With each Revolutionary Act there are links to articles giving you more ideas and support. Now you may be thinking why isn't it 356 Revolutionary Ways to be Healthy? Here is my answer: "Sweetie, we'll have a hard enough time counting 101 cards for the long hall!"

Viva La Revolución!

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