20 December 2011

My Birthday Dream...Cake and Purses!


This Day should be a national holiday! It's my Birthday!!!!! I never understand those who don't love the day they were born. How is that possible? Yes, you're getting older. But lovely, have you forgotten how much butter looking and wiser you've become (unless you're eating too much cake with processed sugar which science has shown causes premature aging. No Orlane product will help you out of that one). I focus on the positive not the negative. I'm like my mentor Martha Stewart on the courthouse steps after her conviction  for perjury stating to the press "I'll be back. I will be back." My optimism runs deep just like her's.

So you may ask what is up with the purse. Every year for the past ____ years I've been purchasing a purse of my choice as a gift to moi for my birthday from moi. I love cake, thus the reason for eating well most of the year. So when I came across the cake purse made by Dean & Deluca I realized how I could combine two lovely (but harmful in large quantities) addictions in one....and have someone else pay for it. I just wonder if they'll make a vegan version? I'm watching my processed sugar intake! No sense helping premature aging along.

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