19 December 2011

What Are Your Holiday House Drinks?

I read somewhere a few years ago that every home should, like a bar, have house drinks. Hubby and I took that to heart considering we see ourselves as fairly sophisticated people, whom like to drink, and like to entertain people we really like. Our house drinks have undergone metamorphoses depending on the season, but really more dependent on our over consumption of a particular beverage. "No more Pavao...I can't drink another glass!"
And other drinks remain a consistent mainstay, like an old friend. No matter who comes over and how often, they always know they can get a vodka Martini at our home (be damned vodka purists with your Gin) with our "rail vodka" Sky Vodka due to its non-hangover chemical combination.

This holiday season we've added a couple more house drinks to make sure each of our parties looks like the aftermath above (start out sophisticated, make your guests leave wanting to come back next year). Rosenblum Red Zinfindel is our house red. Our cool down with coffee is Evan Williams Whiskey Eggnog (or shall we say whiskey, bourbon and &c. with a splash of eggnog. A southern pre-made concoction that was brought to us as a gift from Kentucky because you can't purchase it here in the north...northerners don't have the whiskey gene).  Of course there are other libations we offer, but these are this year's foundations.

Never be caught off guard as a host this holiday season, any other or during the week. Make sure you have house drinks guests can always count on, and most importantly you can count on.

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