11 January 2012

Bleu French Toast


I know why many of you don't eat breakfast. It's not the time constraint, waking up late or running late to the office. No lovelies it's because you lack imagination. I said it! Shoot me. Of course you over sleep. Of course you run late, especially when you have nothing to look forward to, to eat for breakfast. If you were eating more than cereal, sugary non-fat yogurt with "real fruit", or God forbid a Poptart you would make time for breakfast. Civilized people sit & eat breakfast. They enjoy what they eat, they eat in variety, they eat real food & they acknowledge they need the fuel. More then likely
those civilized people are healthier than you. Oops...did I say that out loud? So here is a lovely recipe using bleu cheese bread (but you can use any type of "exotic" bread i.e. french, rosemary, sourdough, multigrain, rye, ciabatta, asiago).  After eating this you'll crave more civility.

Here is my offer to you. A special acknowledgement to anyone who is the first to translate the French phrase in the above picture. You should know I don't speak French...yet. The phrase was crafted with the use of Google Translate. So if you are native or not so native French speaker, be kind! Much Muahhhhs.

Bleu French Toast

9 slices Bleu Cheese Bread (or any other type of bread gourmet loafed bread)
4 organic eggs
1 tbsp Soy Milk or Buttermilk
1 tsp Salt
Any topping you'd like (i.e. Real Maple Syrup, Fresh Berry Compote, Creme Fraiche, even Hot Sauce)

Add butter to a small or medium size frying pan. Allow the butter melt on low to medium heat, making sure the butter coats the base and sides of the pan. 

In a small or medium size bowl (depending on how large your slices of bread are), add the eggs, milk, and salt. Whisk the egg mixture. Place one side of the bread face down in the egg for a few seconds. Turn the slice over to coat the other side with egg. 

Place your coated slices of egg in the frying pan. Turn the heat of the pan up to medium high heat. Let each side of the bread cook for 1-2 minutes, once the pan it at it optimal temperature. Remove the slices from the pan and put them in a place where they will stay warm. Each side of the bread should have a golden brown color to it.

Repeat all the steps above with the remaining bread, including coating the pan with additional butter between each batch of prepared french toast. 

Serve immediately.

                                               Bon Appetite!!!

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