05 January 2012

Detox & Weight Loss Celeb Style 101


The world is all a buzz about detox and weight loss this year, well at least my world is. Before jumping into some no nonsense "lifestyle" change (known better yet as the latest adventure in food deprivation), I'm starting with the basics, a la celebrity. They may overexpose and annoy, but their bodies tell a better tale than mine. Presently, only presently. Anywho, why do you think that Jennifer Aniston pushes Glaceau, aka Smartwater? Why does the book How the Rich Get Thin, which totally works by the way, has a whole section devoted to water? Because water detoxes. It is also the primary advice for weight loss [insert harp music here]. Now you may be saying, "Elle you did this post last January. You're a broken record." Nonetheless, broken records still get played and make music becau...sssse they mostly work. So here is my recipe for my own Smart Water (notice the spaces between the words and capitalization of each first letter for each word as to not infringe on any Glaceau trademarks). Say good by to toxins and fat and hello to....
Well who or what do you want to say "Hello" to lovely?

Elle's Smart Water

1 Pitcher San Pellegrino, Perrier or Filtered Water at room temperature
6 organic Cucumber Slices and/or Orange Slices
4 slices organic Lemon and/or Lime

Put slices in water (really in any combination) and drink copious amounts of pitchers during the day (but don't over do it). 

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