22 January 2012

DIY Winter Centerpiece

Every fine home should have fresh cut something in it from the garden (or someone's garden). Prior to marrying hubby I had fresh flowers in the house every week. Somehow I deluded myself into believing they were not a necessity. Well they ARE, or at least something from the garden is (no matter the season)! Wasn't it one of Donald Trumps ex-wives (soon to be at that time) who needed to keep up her $10,000 a month flower budget?

If, you're from the north like I, fresh flowers in winter experience a price hike. Regardless, there is something I've always loved about winter folage. To make the most of my hybernating garden I created these centerpieces for our home, here is how.
You'll need:

Clear Glass Vase (any size & shape)
Glittered fruit (preferably not real)
Multiple "dead" flower or tree branches.

Fill you vase with as many glittered fruits as possible of varying shapes, sizes & varieties. Cut the branches to match the proportions of the vase. Add as many branches as you'd like to create the fullness you desire.

This will last for months ladies (unless someone consistently hits the branches as they can flake profusely when touched). So keep them above the fray ladies, above the fray.

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