26 January 2012

The FaVorites Around the Web for January 2012

Photo by Jennifer Causey via This is Glamorous Instagrid

I Love my little blog here. I love thinking about it, creating it and writing it for you all friends. I absolutely LOVE that you read it. I, like you, find inspiration everywhere though, for what to cook next, and what to add to my home to make the vision for our life here at Casa Walczak a reality. I thought I'd share some of my FaVorite inspiring sites or posts with you...with my FaVorite being, well do I really need to say it?

Green Kitchen Stories {Because the Photos are Clean & Beautiful Just Like the Food they Showcase}

Tortilla Espanola {Because I've been Trying to Cook Tortilla Like my Senora since Leaving Spain}

Pinterest {Because the Photos are Visually Stunning & I get Lost Like a Child Pinning Pictures}

DIY Easter Bouquets {Because It Gives Me Some Color & Thing to Look Forward to In Winter}

Strawberry Champagne Punch {Because Every Home needs a Good Champagne Punch Recipe}

Right Now is the Only Moment That Matters {Because Often I Need a Reminder}

Foodgawker {Because Sometimes I forget there are so Many Different Dishes to Cook}

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