19 January 2012

Fresh Juice: Jack LaLanne Style

I once saw Martha Stewart say that she never drank orange juice from a carton in her life (and not literally my friends while standing in front of the glaring light of the refrigerator). Oh MARTHA! Somehow this is believable. Although I can't help wonder about her orange juice consumption while she was a little Martha in Nutley, New Jersey. Were her parents squeezing fresh for five children everyday?

Any who, we are squeezing fresh over here at Casa Walczak. And what we know dearies is that with raw food and drink we get max nutritional values from food, making us not crave Dark Chocolate with Marzipan. Jack LaLanne was a huge proponent of juicing & he lived to 96. Coincidence? I think not! Her's a tip on Orange Juicing in winter...get overripe oranges if you can because plain old rip won't be as juicy (discount grociers are the best for finding "overripe"). Because Ladies and Gentleman always want the best they can have, and they always watch their money gracefully.

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~~louise~~ said...

Fresh squeezed is simply delicious! I wish more diners would think about switiching.

Thanks for sharing, Elle...