12 January 2012

Gardening 101: The Duds


I'm going back to the beginning. I'm becoming one with the earth. I'm going to live out a modern day victory. That is...Victory Garden (& a cutting garden too). I'll be chronicling my journey here, under Casa Walczak. 

First thing is first. It is never an excuse to be unfashionable. Therefore, if I'm going to create my own food & flower I must do it in style. My first gardening task is to compost. Because from what I've read soil is EVERYTHING. But I simply cannot compost in anything, now can I? When I was thinking what should my composting attire consist of, obviously the Hunter Wellie came to mind immediately. It shows I'm taking my gardening & image very seriously with proper planning, and a pursuit for excellence. I can't wait! 

To start composting that is. 

Okay you've got me! 

I also can't wait to purchase the Hunter Wellies too. 

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