08 January 2012

He Looks Innocent Enough

Lovely readers do not let this picture fool you. This preciously photogenic sleeping beauty is the frenemy of my precious Henri.  My pound puppy. My 100+ pound black lab.

I have put my honey in an awful predicament as Kuma's (the adorable pretender) mother Nancy is my good friend & our neighbor. While I have shared little about our holiday at Casa Walczak (which was great by the way) Henri & Kuma's relationship was on full display. How does a 15 pound (I'm guessing) Lhasa apso go through life intimidating dogs 7x his size? This is what I've observed...
Kuma believes he is big in the world & acts accordingly. He's personality is big, his walk is big, & his confidence is big.

He is VERY vocal. He barks at anything & everything that demands attention whether it's good or bad. In so doing he gets attention.

Kuma is not phased when Henri or any thing else ignores him. He just keeps on being Kuma. Which naturally leads to...

Kuma only does Kuma.

When my Henri's naughty he'll try to make a chorus out of a reprimand. Following Henri around as he tries to flee or has a time out, barking incessantly into his face (because he only comes up that high when Henri holds his head down in doggie disappointment).

My p..o..o..r, p..o..o..r Henri!

I'm doing what my mother did to me as a little girl. I had to play with my mother's best friend's daughter for years. I didn't like her. Don't worry my mother & her best friend are no longer besties.

But don't feel too bad for Henri. As Kuma found out payback is a ...Oh I'm sorry we don't use that word here (not even to describe female dogs).

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