10 January 2012

It's Not Just Where & What You Eat. It's also What you Eat On.


Over the Holiday Hubby and I were strolling through the mall. I happened upon a store I love but truly need nothing from, u  n  t  i  l  I enter the store. You know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. The store is so pretty. It has great lighting. It smells good. It has every visually stunning dinning accessory a lady could want, & a Hubby would take flight from. While I was browsing around my kryptonite,  I saw these. 
I gasped. 

I picked up.

& I gasped again. 



Hubby & child destruction proof to boot. 

This gorgeous Flower Market & Country Check Kitchen line is by MacKenzie-Childs. Before you get your feathers in a ruffle I am not paid nor do I receive swag for my praises. This is especially sacrificial considering I blog to tens of tens of you.  Nonetheless,
I must have these, for altruistic reasons of course. Because what I am attempting to teach you dears is that eating well IS a lifestyle change. But it's not just about eating better. It's also about where you eat, what you eat on & what you use to eat with. If you increase your standard in one, you'll start to increase your standard in the rest. So go. Go YOU! & start increasing your standards. Muahhhh!!!



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