04 January 2012

What I HAVE to Cook and Eat this New Year


2012 has come in with a bang at me a Hubby's home. A bang meaning that New Year's Eve night I was stricken with a case of... food poisoning. Devilish irony for a food blogger, don't you think? Thank goodness it wasn't my cooking or anyone else's in this household that was the culprit. Needless to say, merriment, food, and booze went out the...(well we won't talk about that)... for me that fine Eve. Now that I'm up and about FINALLY, I couldn't help thinking about what I had to cook and eat this year. Despite the New Year's Eve sickness, I can't give up food. It's impossible, improbable, unthinkable hogwash! Therefore, in that spirit (bite the horse that bit yah I always say), are links to some delectable dishes from around the web I have to try this year (with some modifications mind you). 

Care to join me in the must cook and eats this year, so far??? 

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