07 January 2012

Winter Salad with Pears, Apples and Almonds

Darling people. Salad is not a savior. Yes, it often contains lots of vitamins and minerals, and virtually no fat  and sodium (minus all that salad dressing you coat it with to negate the vitamins, minerals and virtually no fat and sodium). It cannot, and lets face it, will not be the basis of your New Year weight loss. It'll get tiresome, boring, dull and then morph into stupid. If, for instance though, you spice up your salads and then
bring them into your developing fold of varying dishes then it will become a welcomed treat, and a constant reminder that you are not a Ford Model and will not be America's Next Top Model. Therefore you can look healthy, actually be healthy and eat, my dears, salad sparingly if you like.


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