18 February 2012

The Best & Healthiest Way to Cook

President's Day weekend my loves!! This post, which should have been yesterday's (have I told you my challenges with the time space continuum) is now gracing your lovely readers this morning. But well within the nick o'time. Mini holidays usually lend themselves to cooking, given that we have more of that time space continuum. I thought I'd share a little bit of knowledge with you that I learned. Something to think about before deciding how to cook that organic chicken or those bright orange vegetables.

If you don't know, you should know, that the more something is cooked the more its original flavors & nutrient values are decreased. Here are the best cooking methods in order to keep your food's flavor & health benefits.

1.  STEAMING: It's nature's preservative. It keeps food's flavor, aroma, vitamins & antioxidants. Now I really have a reason not to be scared of my bamboo stacked steamer (I know...the fear makes very little sense).

2.  STIR-FRYING: Intense heat of a wok minimizes food's nutrient loss in the cooking process. And it keeps the color and the texture of food. But dearies please don't fool yourselves that high sodium & fat sauces loose their harmful touch in the wok. The intense heat I'm sure can preserve those too.

3.  SAUTEING:  Because cooking time is longer than stir-frying, despite the intensity of the heat being lower, sauteing while good, is where food's nutrient loss starts to become noticeable. [Insert groan]

4.  SLOW COOKER: a 1970's fav...low temperatures over a long period time results in more nutrient loss. But apparently that can be salvaged if you add the sauce &/or liquid the food was cooked in with your dinner. Cook slow, eat slower....

5.  PRESSURE COOKING: "Nutrient degradation" is the name of the game because of the cooker's intense heat. Who pressure cooks except chefs??????

Now I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Baking, Grilling, Roasting & Toasting are the WoRsT for preserving food's benefits. I know dearies, I know. But don't fret, because remember the motto here, nothing off limits (unless you want it to be), everything in moderation.

See! Now I you feel better.

*now there is more much more to each cooking method. To know look at Experience Life magazine Jan 2012.

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