26 February 2012

Casa Walczak: a Week in the Life of a Family

a) I love chirping birds, it means spring &/or summer to me. So when I found this quote I instantly adopted it as my own. b) This is Hubby & Henri at our first time at Bubbly Paws, a place where you can groom your dog your self. While Henri looks calm he was not! He barked incessantly for ONE hour in between cries for freedom & filth. cAcademy Awards prep. I actually do the DIY projects I post here. Here's the Twig & Thistle Oscar Ballot Hubby & I will be using tonight. d) Authentic veggie Mexican taco (see no fried shell) at my favorite Mexican restaurant. e) My latest book read: Losing Mum and Pup by Christopher Buckley. It makes you want to really live who you are (among other things). f) Henri eating a dogie delicacy, pig's ear. You heard me correctly. 

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