02 February 2012

Growing Food...So Easy a Non-Gardener Can Do It Too

Image from Smart Gardener

I'm so excited!!! Hubby will never appreciate this. So it was imperative I share it with you, my like minded friends.

During my morning Flipboard(ing) ritual over coffee I came across a Smart Gardener reference through a website. It was touted as a completely free on-line garden organizational tool. Now, while I'm over the moon about the prospect of planting, growing, cooking & eating my own labor. I have to admit I've been getting terribly overwhelmed about how, when & where  to start my seeds, not to mention garden layout. Although, I'm set on the gardening attire (that is where I really shine). Nonetheless, "free" online tools always seem to give you a little of the prescription drug to get you hooked, to get you paying for more. Or when they are really free they are t.o.t.a.l.l.y lackluster. Not THIS. First, the whole thing is free & not even close to lack luster.
I put in my zip code which gave me my growing temps....for the whole year! Then I laid out my garden with the different size raised bed & container beds they offer in their layout program. Then you can click on a time in which you want to grow something (say late April). The site gives you recommendations as to what vegetables grow in your region at the time specified. It also tells you when to start the seeds indoors or when to sow them outside. It gives you the prices of seed packets for orders through their partner vendors, which can be done with a click.

I'm not even done.

Once you pick a vegetable it will give you how many seeds to plant (based on the information already provided as to how many adults & children are in your home). The "crops" will be visually planted on your garden layout. Then the site creates a gardening to-do schedule for you with email reminders. This site is fantastic (and they're not even paying me to say that. They don't even know I exist...yet!!).

Compost, Hunter Wellies, Hubby's Strong Arms from making Raised Beds, Fabulous Garden Hat, Outdoor Entertaining with Fresh Food from my Garden....Here I Come!!!

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