28 February 2012

Julie & Julia: Two Wayward Souls Finding their Way Through Food

I can't believe I forgot. I was at sitting at the blog think tank (commonly known my loves as my desk in the spare room of Casa Walczak) thinking about my favorite movies. Then it came in an obvious flash. I left out the story of Julie & Julia.

Now you may think you know everything there is to know about this movie. And you may. We know that the whole world went on a "let's cook our way through the Mastering the Art of French Cooking" after the movie's release. And we all got diamond eyed on the notion of blogger makes good-becomes big success. But my (& many of your) appreciation for Julie & Julia goes deeper then that. Because for many of us we've been in both these women's shoes...
movie still: Julie & Julia-Columbia Pictures

We meet our first heroine, Julie, down in out at her day job longing to be & do something different. Then we meet our second heroine-Julia, in a different time, & different place. But theoretically she was in the same place as Julie, searching for what she wanted to do, & who she wanted to be also.

movie still: Julie & Julia-Columbia Pictures

Both women choose food as their great escape. Julia does it with the reckless abandon to be trained like many of the great male chefs of France. Julie, in a somewhat less obviously focused endeavor, strives to cook her way through Julia's cook book-many decades later. If not for the thrill, then for the divergence from a dull, confused life. 

But the great food blogger & the master chef were not created in a day. Both Julie & Julia had a rather large learning curve to overcome, things to prove to themselves & others, plus they had to deal with not so encouraging acquaintances &/or family. So they had to encourage themselves in the beginning & sometimes in the middle. While it's easy to say that this movie is about food...to me it's about so much more. It's the story of what happens when you make a decision & go through the rough tough spots along the way & make it to the end. We always make it to an end. It's just a matter of whether failure is the end or success. That my friends is dependent on courage.

By the way the soundtrack is great. Me & hubby thoroughly enjoy it, & oft cook to it too!

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