13 February 2012

Monday Morning's Quotable Quote

as He Believed He Could so He Did
Some of you dearies  have awaken this fine Monday morning with a sense of dread (& maybe impending doom) about going to work. In fact, for some of you that feeling of dread started Sun...Day. And for other's of you poor, poor, creatures, it started Saturday. Well not all is lost. Because you see lovelies it just takes a step. One tiny little step in the direction you want to go.

Not a leap, a run, or a hop....but a step.

You don't need (& you won't know) all the details in between that will get you to your goal. You just need to step often & step lively. And the belief will come, if you don't have it now, in the mere fact you are moving. You need not tell anyone to where you are stepping. Keep it close to you at first, as a seed is very delicate in the beginning until its roots form. Whatever the dream may be, it's yours alone & no one else's. Therefore, no one needs to fully understand it. So instead of being down trodden & dreary this fine Monday morning. Take a small step instead in your direction...& remember


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