08 February 2012

Politics Have Hit the Bakery & the Monsters

I'm not a very politically inclined woman, ask Hubby. I get ravenous headaches from the "discourse" of pundits have whom have lost all civility & tonal control. But my friends, I am well aware of the movements generating in mine & various counties, despite my inability to have a formal debate about said ideological disadvantages or benefits & the intricacies of any one political movement. But I do know about at least two things for sure. Cookies & Sesame Street.  Depending on which demographic percentage you fall, the lowly 99% or the privileged 1% I believe they would both argue....

Image from Tauntr.com
But if my math is right. Aren't 100% of the Sesame Street cookie monster (because there are no other cookie monsters) eating almost 100% of the Sesame Street cookies? Why in the world would he need more cookies when he has no competition? Maybe this really is an economics problem.

I'm not a very economically inclined woman, ask Hubby......

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