10 February 2012

Raspberry Chocolate Jam Covered Bananas with Sprinkles of Honey Granola

If you read the last post, you already learned that I L.O.V.E. sweets. So I'm always on the quest for something  a little bit healthier that satisfies that after meal craving. Here is one of my favorites, for which I have to thank my friend & neighbor Nancy. If she did not have the culinary taste to bring over Wild Raspberry & Chocolate Jam to put on gourmet cheese during one of me & Hubby's entertainment nights, I would have never ventured into this paring.
But it was late one night. The party was days over. I was jonesing for a sweet. I had bananas. That alone wouldn't cut it. But then I had the Jam. I thought why not give it a try. It was, & still continues to be heaven. I've since added the granola to create varied & complementary textures.

The best part, is I can have bite sized morsels that have a perfect balance of sweet, soft, & crunchy that immediately satisfy that nAgggggggggggging craving. Hubby likes it too (though he doesn't crave sweets. He's more of a Fat & Salt man)!

Raspberry Chocolate Jam Covered Bananas with Sprinkles of Honey Granola
Makes 14
1 ripe Banana, sliced in 1 inch rounds
1 bottle Raspberry Chocolate Jam, (or you can make it from scratch courtesy of the Local Kitchen)
Honey Granola

Place the banana rounds on a plate or platter. With a spoon place a dollop of the jam (either cold or room temperature...I prefer cold) on each piece of banana. Lightly sprinkle the banana with the granola. Serve immediately. Eat. And Savor!


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