22 February 2012

A Recipe in Kitchen Failure

the failed vegan banana pancake that then turned into the failed vegan banana waffle
Hello Lovelies. I once read on David Lebovitz's blog that he had made a decision to post the recipe successes as well as the failures. As a cooking blog reader, I loved that. It finally showed that even the best cooks still fail. More importantly David Lebovitz was not only willing to fail, but not afraid of showing & admitting his failure. I know dears, you, like I, are so used to seeing these perfect culinary pictures from these "amateur" bloggers or "professional" cookbooks that it's a wonder we're afraid to take chances in the kitchen (as well as life). Well, call me Mrs. Chance Taker, because the above picture happens most often in Casa Walczak test kitchen. This is is my
recipe creation attempt for vegan banana pancakes/waffles. I won't give up though & I won't take another's. Because you, like I, can do it! When I get this vegan recipe for banana pancakes/waffles to work (& when you get whatever it is YOU want to work)...how sweet it will be. I think I'm very close because the batter tasted wonderful!!! Maybe Xantham Gum is the ticket.....hummmmmmmmmm

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