03 February 2012

Superbowl Food You Won't Feel Guilty Eating

Clockwise: Bev Cooks, Thin Crust Shrimp & Clam Pizza;  Heidi Klum, Sesame Chicken Fingers; Jeanette's Healthy Living, Crab Dip; Health Magazine, Mexican Mole Chili.

The Superbowl is this weeks & most Americans are a buzz. How I must admit having went to school & worked in New York made me a Giants fan. But if it's between the Giants & Downton Abbey....well in my mind it's no contest the Granthams win out. However, on Superbowl Sunday I know Hubby wins out, as do the Giants. 

Let's call the Superbowl what it is, besides a football game (aptly misnamed when compared to a game using feet hitting a ball, called Soccer), it's the Gluttony Bowl. It's a time to mindlessly eat fattening finger food while watching the fits & starts of some rather burly men. Since eating & bowl go together. Since I'm only one person & can cook only so much. I felt it necessary to scour the blogospher to give you healthy Superbowl options. I believe I have found some healthy, easy, good looking & likely good tasting options. First visit Bev Cooks for her Shrimp & Clam Pizza above. Then there is a little Mexican Mole for your liking from Health.com. Don't forget the baked chips with it (& lovelies 96 the sour cream & add yogurt instead). I don't even eat chicken but the Sesame Chicken from Heidi Klum's fitness expert looks great. Finally I personally cannot wait to make & taste Jeanette's healthy Crab Dip. So go...grunt...be merry...& EAT WELL! Go Lord Grantham!!!

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