19 March 2012

Casa Walczak: Me, a Hubby & a Dog Named Henri Drive 500 miles

Hello Loves. As you already know the two human and one dog contents of Casa Walczak have hit the road. Our starting destination was our hometown of Minnesota. Our final destination, Florida. So with Hubby's proper planning, & Tom Tom's verification of correct directions, we hit the road each day, making up a total of 3 days in all, taking in 500 miles at a time. It has been an adventure to say the least. We normally can barely take Henri to the local lake for a walk without leaving in abject horror due to his incessant pulling, whining, & fake barking (oh yes Henri has a fake bark). So we geniuses decide to take him on a 1500 mile road trip with his track record. On top of the fact that neither Hubby or I have road-tripped with anyone, let alone together 1500 miles. This is enough to tear asunder a marriage. So how's it going you may ask....well

We're learning the art of the rest stop & eating on the road. At one stop during each day Tom or I mix together a pre-packaged breakfast we made for Henri prior to leaving. Let's say between food, rest stops, & bathroom breaks (dog & human) we needed to get consolidation down to an art. It's a work in progress.

This has been anything but a culinary adventure (as the question always remains...what to do with Henri if we want to go out to lunch & dinner). So Whole Foods has been our mainstay. Maybe we're just really road tripping 1500 miles to visit all of the Whole Foods in the South? But, anything is better Dears then getting sugared & fatted up on fast food...no matter how tempting it gets.

Minus Henri's constant backseat antsyness, sore bums from sitting, & occasional "I know how to drive!" We seemed to make it through the states & to the dog friendly hotel in St. Louis nicely, & still in good spirits. And we even got to see some various unique sights. Inadvertently. That is.

This is an old abandoned Skull station we found in a very....unpleasant part of town. I can just imagine the 1950s cars pulling up in the round-a-bout for full service.

Here was our day one destination in St. Louis.

Our tired dog (mainly due to his inner road trip pandemonium) after an exhausting day of lying, sitting, & looking in the backseat.

Some instructions for our stay, & the all important what are we going to eat options for the next morning. We know what we're going to drink...that's always obvious!!

So all the hotel guests & staff know we have a killer sleeper in the room name Henri.

A complete toss of my & Henri's stuff on the desk. Writing a comment, let alone anything was not on the agenda after an 8 hour car ride.

Destination, Whole Foods for some in-room dinner. Room service was entirely to expensive for just okay offerings.

I've still have not convinced myself that a loaf of bread is dinner appropriate. But in my mind I coming very close.

And in the end....

Hubby was happy &

so was I.

Maybe it was because of this!! Unto day two!!

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