16 March 2012

Chocolate Covered Salt and Pepper Potato Chips

Happy Days Everyone! It's Hubby's 50th birthday. I love being the much {ahem} younger woman in his life. I'll share some pictures of his cake and day...which has been pretty frantic Dears! But until then, & more explanation, let me just say that I've always been honest with you. Healthy food...MOST of the time. This isn't healthy but it sure is good. The only saving grace to these chips is that you can't eat too many of them without feeling sick. Don't ask me how I know that. Here's your passport to heaven...

Chocolate Covered Salt and Pepper Potato Chips

16oz Vegan Chocolate Chips
8 oz bag Salt & Pepper Potato Chips

Lay out copious amounts of wax paper. 

In a double boiler on medium heat melt the chocolate chips. Once the chocolate is melted lower the heat to medium low (you never want the chocolate to come to a boil or get too cool). 

One at a time, dip one side of a potato chip into the chocolate and coat. Then place the potato chip on wax paper. Continue this process until you've dipped the desired amount of potato chips you want. 

Let the chips cool at room temperature for about 30-45 minutes. Eat, Savor. Enjoy!!!


P.S. If you meet me that the Tasty Kitchen under Elle Shelton Walczak I'll have another tasty chocolate covered dessert for you there soon.  

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