22 March 2012

Herbal Steam Facial Recipe

photo image: Amy Rae Photography

Hello Loves. Being in Florida has gotten me thinking. It's gotten me thinking earlier than usual & with more urgency (because I hale from the north & summer still seems some distance away up there) about really looking great for the summer. Yes, eating contributes to that immensely. But looking great is also an outside job. It has to do with dress, style, hair care, & our topic for today, complexion. 

You see Darlings I was one of those unfortunate young girls in adolescence that had to deal with pimple issues. Going to a dermatologist for YEARS cleared up the obvious blemishes. But it has over the course of my life lead me to a life long obsession & paranoia with any major & minor real & imagined outbreaks. Therefore, constant vigilance is my guide as to what makes & keeps my skin glowing & clear. Since my days of dermatology have come & gone I have come up with only two full proof answers for maintaing clear skin.

Copious amounts of water & foods low in sugar. If I have any breakouts I can, without a doubt, narrow it down to one of the two (or sometimes BOTH)! With that said, it doesn't mean I don't do other things to keep my skin looking good. Most of the time they are not expensive, you just need to know where to look. Since I owe it to you & the world to share what I know, I know this recipe works well. It eliminates toxins from the skin. Which my dear Friends assists in fulfilling my wish for us all, to have a beautiful sun kissed blemish free glow this summer.

 Herbal Steam 
 from Whole Living 

1 large bowl Hot Water 
1 handful Basil Leaves 
1 handful Cilantro Leaves 
1 Towel 

Place the basil and cilantro in the hot water. Place you face about 12 inches from the bowl tenting your head and the bowl with the towel. This concentrates the steam to your face keeping it from escaping. Hold your face in this position as long as you can stand it, or as long as the steam remains. 

Once done pat your face dry. Splash your face with tepid water and dry again.

Repeat regularly throughout the week, or as needed.

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